About Pokhara Bird Society

Pokhara Bird Society (PBS)  is one of the leading organizations of Nepal working on birds and their habitat conservation.  It was initiated with bird monitoring programs around Pokhara valley in 2011 and has ,legally, been forum of enthusiastic birders, naturalists, photographers, students, tourism professionals and several supporters within and beyond Nepal  with registration in 2017. This non-profit and member-based conducts bird watching, monitoring and research activities by involving government authorities, local stakeholders , students, researchers and general public. It has been contributing the knowledge sharing and issue mapping through its publications as well as conducting of successful events of Bird Fair, Awareness Days and issue based dialogues for common goal of conservation.

Message from President

Greetings to all, Pokhara bird society is an organization dedicated to conservation since its start and has been carrying out its activities accordingly. Considering Earth as common home for biodiversity, we carry out our activities on status, distribution, ecology and habitat conservation of birds. As we are losing important habitats like forests, wetland and grasslands, the bird species are vulnerable and some are already near extinction. In addition, the human-induced problems like unplanned urbanization, pollution, illegal hunting and poaching are adding more threats to their survival. So, we feel conservation of bird and biodiversity as urgency of hour and look forward to our common and unified endeavor of all in this goal.We would like to present our gratitude to all our advisors, collaborators , members and well-wishers, and hope for  continuous co-operation in future too  in our common goal for conservation.

Manshanta Ghimire, President