Khaste Lake is a freshwater covering an area of 24.8030 hectares (61.290 acres) and the water area 13.7370 hectares (33.945 acres). Thado khola is inlet for Khaste Lake during monsoon and it drains through Gaduwa khola. Khaste lake is proposed to be developed as lake for bird watching whereas Neureni lake is proposed for fishery operations (Shrestha, 2015). Khaste and Neureni are separated just by a dam and Neureni is fed by flow from Khaste in summer. Khaste- Neureni wetland is rich in biodiversity and consists twenty four emergent plant species and 12 species of fishes (Oli, 1999 as cited by Adhikari 2008).Since some years, Pisciculture has been conducted in Khaste lake.