Pokhara Bird Society

Pokhara Bird Society is organising a Photography contest on World Environment Day 2023 with the aim of sensitising people and raising awareness regarding plastic pollution. We look forward to active participation from you all.

Contest Rules

  1. Photo submission should be done online through [email protected] with subject ‘WED2023_respective theme no.’ (WED2023_1 or WED2023_2) before the deadline of 4th June 2023, midnight.
  2. Photos should be your own work submitted in JPEG format and within 6MB limit.
  3. You are allowed to submit only one photo per theme. For submission in multiple themes, use different emails.
  4. You are required to provide a unique title & description (not more than 150) for each image submitted.
  5. Submitted photos must contain the original EXIF metadata information. There should not be any border, logo, copyright mark, identifying mark, or any other visible marks on the image. Pokhara Bird Society (PBS) holds right to use submitted photos with due credit to photographer.
  6. Basic editing (colour enhancement, the use of filters, and cropping) is acceptable, provided that authenticity and/or genuineness of the photo is not altered. Manipulated, staged, and/or highly edited photographs are not allowed.
  7. Top 10 photographs from each theme will be selected by jury for further competition and made public for public voting through official facebook page of Pokhara Bird Society.
  8. Public voting rules
    a) You must like the official page of Pokhara Bird Society.
    b) You must like the original post published on page.
    c) You can mention others in comment section.
    d) Voting period runs from June 5 to June 13 (9 PM)
  9. Marks from jury and public voting will hold equal weightage on final result.
  10. Final result will be made public on June 17 (World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought) via website and facebook page of Pokhara Bird Society. Best three participants from each theme will be awarded.
  11. Inability to comply by any of the above mentioned rule leads to disqualification. Pokhara Bird Society holds the final decision rights, in case of any dispute or confusions.