Pokhara Bird Society


Pokhara Bird Society (PBS) is one of the leading organizations of Nepal working on birds and their habitat conservation. It was initiated with bird monitoring programs around Pokhara valley in 2011 and has ,legally, been forum of enthusiastic birders, naturalists, photographers, students, tourism professionals and several supporters within and beyond Nepal with registration in 2017. This non-profit and member-based conducts bird watching, monitoring and research activities by involving government authorities, local stakeholders , students, researchers and general public. It has been contributing the knowledge sharing and issue mapping through its publications as well as conducting of successful events of Bird Fair, Awareness Days and issue based dialogues for common goal of conservation.

Our motivation

Our Vision

Creating a sustainable society with conservation of birds and their habitat along with reinforcement of biodiversity

Our Mission

Contributing environmentally-informed policies and bird-based ecotourism through series of research, studies and dialogues

Our Goal

Conservation of birds through researches on threats, bird ecology and propagate the conservation awareness

Our Publications

Read stories of hope and resilience in bird conservation, fueled by dedicated individuals and communities

Vultures of Nepal

Vultures are large sized scavenging birds of group raptors, feeding mostly on the carcasses of dead animals and are found on every continent except Antarctica and Oceania. Vultures play a highly important ecological role through the rapid consumption of animal carcasses. They do safely disposing off dead animals and help in preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases. The loss of a major scavenger from the ecosystem have associated disease risks for wildlife, livestock and humans including the spread of rabies and livestock borne diseases like anthrax, tuberculosis and brucellosis.

Authors : Hemanta Dhakal, Krishna Prasad Bhusal, Manshant Ghimire

Birds of Pokhara Valley

The Pokhara Bird Society (PBS) Established in 2017, Pokhara Bird Society is non-profitable, Non-Governmental Organization legally registered at District Administration Office, Kaski. PBS is the leading organization in Kaski, focusing on the conservation of birds, their habitats and sites. It seeks to promote interest in birds amongst the general public, encourage research on birds, promote livelihood through birdwatching ecotourism and identify major threats to birds’ continued survival. We provide scientific data and expertise on birds for the Government of Nepal.

Authors : Manshanta Ghimire, Hathan Chaudhary, Hemanta Dhakal

Note : The profit form the book sell goes towards conservation of birds.